FP Consultants offers a full range of consultant and expert witness options, including expert witness testimony, psychological evaluation and assessment, pretrial consultation (including evidence review and assessment), and in-court consultation for litigation and jury matters (see “Our Experts” page for specific competencies). Collectively, our consultants have experience on both sides (plaintiff/prosecution and defense) of criminal and civil cases as well as military courts-martial and university administrative proceedings. For consultation and to find the right consultant for your case, email michelle@fpconsultants.org.

In addition to common psychological concepts, our consultants have expertise across four core areas:

Sex Offenses and Partner/Family Violence

  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Digital abuse
  • Internet sex offenses
  • Child abuse and family violence
  • Intersection between sexual misconduct and alcohol/drug use
  • Personality disorders
  • Sexual and gender diversity
  • Complex interpersonal relationships
  • BDSM

Psychological Forensics through “Digital Traces”

  • Psychosocial profiling from natural language data
  • Misinformation operations
  • Interviewing and interrogation
  • Author attribution
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Recidivism analyses based on digital data

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Sexually violent predator commitment (SVP)
  • Structured professional judgment recidivism analysis
  • Linguistic data-driven recidivism analysis for sex offenses
  • Parental capacity
  • Competency and criminal responsibility

Civil and Administrative Issues

  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Sexual misconduct and impropriety by teachers and public officials
  • Labor/employment cases involving sexual or Internet offenses
  • Cases involving social media use or sexting among: 1) K-12 teachers, administrators, or students; 2) University faculty, staff, students, or student athletes; and 3) At-will, governmental, or union employees.
  • Wrongful termination