At FP Consultants, we strive to make an impact in the lives of others through our work. We are consultants and expert witnesses, but we are also college professors, doctors and clinicians providing patient care, and researchers continually working to find new answers. As we look to provide service to those we directly serve, we also look to provide support in the communities where we live. FP Consultants has made charitable donations to each of the non-profits below – each one championed by a consultant who lives and works in the community where these organizations are of service to others.

Kids’ Food Basket – Champion: Dr. Tara Cornelius, Grand Rapids, MI

Kids’ Food Basket exists to increase access to healthy food for children and families. Our core belief is that food is a right, not a privilege. Because that is not yet a reality, we mobilize human and financial resources to break down barriers that cause food insecurity. Our services include our flagship Sack Supper program, community-driven farming, family food provision and educational programming. Collectively, we are working toward realizing a hunger-free West Michigan for all.

FareStart – Champion: Dr. Chris Rebholz, Seattle, WA

FareStart has been helping people transform their lives through food for 30 years — one person, one job and one community at a time. People experiencing poverty struggle to escape the cycle they are in and often face other compounding barriers to getting and keeping a job. At FareStart, we help people overcome barriers by teaching work and life skills needed to succeed in employment and in life. By investing in people, providing meals and building community, we transform homelessness, hunger and poverty into human potential.

Judi’s House – Champion: Dr. Brian Temple, Austin, TX

Our mission, vision, and core values lay the foundation for Judi’s House/JAG Institute to provide the highest quality care to grieving children and families while being thoughtful in our approach to expanding our reach through training, education, and research. We believe supporting children grieving a death loss builds connection and coping that leads to healing. By investing in direct service, training, and research, we help whole families adjust to loss and prepare for future challenges. All services and programs are provided at no cost.

IU Foundation—Kinsey Institute Research Fund – Champion: Dr. Justin Garcia, Bloomington, IN

As a research institute devoted to the study of human sexuality, the Kinsey Institute continues to explore the complexities of sexual and gender diversity and variation in sexual and relationship experiences. We value the rich perspectives that different genders, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations bring to humanity, and to our professional work. We recognize the barriers that past and ongoing prejudice and oppression present to marginalized communities, and our work aims to combat bias and bigotry by furthering evidence-based knowledge about the diversity and complexity of human experiences.